The EdgeTrades System

EdgeTrades is a Stock Swing Trading System

Each night we download the day's stock market results into our software and then run thousands of calculations using our proprietary software.  The software determines if any new actions are required (buys/sells) by the system and we send these instructions to our subscribers in a nightly email.

With EdgeTrades You Get A Fully Developed System

We don't just post interesting stocks.  We provided a complete set of rules and tools to execute your trades.  This includes:
  1. Stock Selection
  2. Entry/Buy Signals
  3. Buy Signal Ranking (in case of multiple Buy signals)
  4. Exits Signals, including profit exits and stop loss exits
  5. A Position Sizing Algorithm
  6. A Spreadsheet to keep track of it all
As a subscriber, you will have access to the system's trade signals from our End-of-Day stock scans.  The system identifies the positions which should be in your portfolio at any given time.  This means the system identifies which stocks to buy, sell or hold the next day.  The position sizing algorithm tells you how much to buy.

What to Expect

Here are some of the characteristics that you can expect from the EdgeTrades System: 
  1. We only use large cap stocks that are members of the S&P 500.  
  2. Our stock picks must be very liquid and must have share prices over $10 per share. 
  3. EdgeTrades is a Long only system.  We do not do Short Selling. 
  4. Trade setups are derived from end of day data.
  5. Each night we crunch the numbers from the day's trading and determine which stocks should be bought or sold at the next morning's open.
  6. We send these instructions nightly on our subscriber only email list.
  7. Trades are entered during the next morning's open.
  8. Some trades will be profitable immediately and can be closed the same day.  Some trades may need a week or longer to hit a sell signal.
  9. Once a sell signal is received,  Trades can be exited during the day, at the close or at the next morning's open.
  10. Holding period could be anywhere from 1 to 6 days, but averages 2.86 days.
  11. Win rate averages about 65% (depending on the year).
  12. Not all trades will exit with a profit:  Most trades will have a small profit.  A handful of trades will have a large profit.  Some trades (about 35%) will signal an exit with a loss. A few will exit at the maximum loss of 10%.
  13. Generally we buy on a sharp sell off.  We will generally NOT pick the exact bottom so some initial draw down is expected. 
  14. Generally we sell after a strong bounce.  Unfortunately, sometimes the bounce does not recover the initial draw down, so we exit below our entry price for a loss.
  15. We use fixed fractional position sizing.  (More on this in Position Sizing).
  16. There will be some periods where there are no trades at all.  These are times when the system cannot find any good setups.  Usually because the entire market has been rallying and there are no good candidates.  Do not try and force the issue and risk losing money.  Sitting in cash is sometimes the best strategy.
  17. There will be some periods where a lot of trades are found.  The EdgeTrades system will prioritize the buy signals for you. 
  18. You will have a maximum of 2 trades on at a time.

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